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Ammatillista koulutusta, taideaineita, pelilinjoja, lähiruokaa sekä kokous- ja majoituspalveluja maaseutumiljöössä, Tampereen keskustan kupeessa.

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The Most Caring Community – AhlmanEdu


AhlmanEdu’s versatile campus is located in the Veisu district of Tampere, about 5 km from the centre of Tampere. We are easily accessible by bus from the city centre, and there are also parking areas in the area for those travelling by car. Tampere-Pirkkala airport is only 20 kilometres from our campus.


From Past to Present

AhlmanEdu’s history dates back to 1799, when Gabriel Ahlman, the administrative authority of that time, bequeathed half of his vast estate to rural residents for agricultural and domestic education. In 1904, with the help of the bequest, the Ahlman School for agriculture was established, which through many changes has developed into the multifaceted private school foundation AhlmanEdu.

Today, we offer various degrees of vocational training, arts, games training and coaching, as well as targeted trainings for professionals in different sectors. We have around 650 students every year studying animal care, cooking and catering, tourism, nature, floristry, gardening, music, visual artis, writing and game developing, among others. We also organise short courses in arts and crafts and gardening, especially during the summer time.

Our development and innovation activities are not only focused on developing education and our own operations, but we also work to develop the region’s sustainability and economy, especially to improve the vitality of rural areas and greening urban areas. We employ around 80 people in teaching and other services.


Teams and Learning Environments

Our teaching is based on a practical team approach and uses a variety of learning environments. For example, the animal care students work in the barn and the small animal clinic, while the restaurant and catering students work in restaurant Kapusta and Anna. Some of these learning environments are also open to the public, such as the flower and horticultural heritage garden, the rain garden, the meadow and the decaying wood garden.


Enjoy the Unique Atmosphere

On weekdays, visitors can enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner at restaurant Kapusta, using seasonal ingredients, local flavours and products from our own bakery. In spring, you can enjoy the blossoming apple trees in the apple garden and watch the planting of the bed-raised garden. In summer, visitors are delighted by the flowers in the traditional horticultural garden and the grazing of the original Finnish cattle. In autumn, visitors can watch the harvest and pick an apple directly from the tree. In winter, the glistening white snow calms the environment and the mind to listen to the silence.

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